pink n' jelly.

Oikawa likes to snapchat everything
unfortunately not at the most appropriate times

All hail the great leader of Seijou

Ardent was going on about ripped shorts Oikawa

I draw really gross things on twitter

I feel like I should be sorry orz

Kags Swagmeister

Though I think I drew him more like a K-pop star

The speed paint isn’t working /sobs
I’ll probably upload it later when it does *sigh*

My HP Headcanons
Originally I had Daichi in Gryffindor…. But Twitter happened
And Kee and her HCs orz

The four captains, the “Marauders”
With a lonesome Bokuto in Gryffindor

I really don’t know what I’m doing anymore….
been obsessed with the Idea of Aobajousai as Rockers and then it branched out to VK models

I just really like drawing punk/goth clothes and piercings orz

I have a lot of free time now that school is almost over…..

Kageyama would be a prodigy pianist, no denying his skill. He has pose and grace, and his posture is impeccable. He can listen to a melody once and can remember it with out sheet music. But he’s still looking for something. He’s missing something. Possibly. Someone to Harmonize with?

Kunimi, Celloist, to go with Akaashi who plays the viola in a four part string chamber, I think that’s what Grace called it.

I’m sorry I’m NO musician. I failed music in elementary school orz

Part I | Part II

Your Saxkawa is a national treasure. You are a national treasure.

Omg Thankyou orz These means so much b/c Saxkawa has come to become a big part of me now and just ahhhhhhhh I’m glad you like it ; u ;///

To go with my Saxkawa

Part II of my topless HQ series

Part 1: located here

My old Twitter header

I was too lazy to draw clothes


Hello HQ fandom!! I’ve been noticing for a while that with the sudden growth of the fandom due to the anime, there seem to be several posts in the main tag that could make people a bit uncomfortable, so I’m going to step out there and try to address that!

I’m glad a lot like the anime so far and…

Something that needs to be addressed in the fandom

Hi there~ I go by many names: PJ, Natsu; This is purely my art blog, I draw Haikyuu!! 90% of the time, and 80% of that is just Oikawa.

Currently invested in:
+ Haikyuu!!
+ HP Marauders
+ Dia no Ace
+ DmmD
+ Hoozuki no Reitetsu

I have a problem getting into fandoms, I always welcome suggestions~
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